WAFL 2004

Workshop in Altaic Formal Linguistics
October 11-13 2004

Bo?azi?i University



Invited Speakers:

Jaklin KORNFILT (Syracuse University)

Special Session: Comparative Altaic syntax

Marcel Erdal (University of Frankfurt)
Meltem Kelepir (Bogazici University)
Heejeong Ko (MIT)
Richard LARSON (SUNY - Stony Brook )
Akira WATANABE (University of Tokyo)

Call for Papers

Accepted Papers




Useful Links


Contact: A. Sumru Ozsoy

Language Center
Bogazici University
Bebek 34342 Istanbul
Contact e-mail: ozsoys@boun.edu.tr

or wafl@boun.edu.tr



We would like to acknowledge the contribution of T?BA (Turkish Academy of Sciences),
Bo?azi?i University Foundation, Bo?azi?i University Language Center, School of

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Arts and
Sciences of Bo?azi?i University, MIT. It is due to their support that this workshop has been realized.